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Message From Coach G

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Dear all United Armenian players, members

This email is just a small reminder of how close we are to our 4000 mile trip to represent ourselves, our teammates, our nation and mostly those who support us.

Four years ago this time, I was filled with joy when the ISBHF accepted Armenia’s application and officially recognized us as a member nation at the world level. Our involvement helped the federation make changes which allowed and has since allowed many new nations be part of the growth.

Our first time out in NFLD 2013, we were 13 players. Our excitement was what carried us through the 10 games. Experiencing a win and hearing our anthem was our achievement. I was overwhelmed when receiving messages from so many strangers around the world congratulating us and cheering us on while watching the games live. It was quite touching.

In 2015, we traveled a little further; Switzerland. We were more, 17 players. We finished the tournament with 13 players once again. Coming to within an eyelash of winning a quarter final game was the best we could come up with. That close to giving ourselves a chance at a medal. That tournament saw many new faces on our team along with good solid veterans. We were also supported by many across the globe, particularly our best European fan making the trip from Cyprus.

In 2017, we will travel to the Czech Republic, the Home of the ISBHF and its head playing grounds. We will experience playing in the most popular ball hockey nation in Europe. With added experience, we will prepare in advance for this tournament. Am really glad to once again see new faces added to our team and even more to see many veterans return. I can not stress the importance each and every one of you have to make our team the very best it can be. Let me share this with all of you….

On a team, some will have more talent, some will have more skill. Some may even know the game so much better. These are facts, facts that take years to build. To try and make this team into one with 20 players of top talent, skill and vision is not what I aim at. The one thing that is even for each player is commitment, heart and the will to work as hard as you can each day until the tournament. You all have this amazing opportunity to play at an amazing level of a game we all began playing on the streets till dark hours as a child and teenager. We have now taken it on a large arena surface with rules and referees…but no one can take the will and passion to make it different.

I hope each and every single one of you understand the importance you have on this team. During practices and games, I may not always be mentioning it however taking the time to include each and every one of you in my thoughts, approach and this letter should convince you that you all belong. Accepting some players will be more talented, more skilled, faster with better sense is what makes us better team mates. Accepting that some players can not help as much in scoring but will in work ethics is what makes us better teammates. End of each game, the score will see

ARMENIA………………….. OPPONENT………………………

This will bring smiles and cheers to all of us when we win. It will be the opposite when we do not.

I am committed to each and every one of you and our team. I will do and learn all i can to make this team better and stay united. I ask that I get the same from each and every one of you.

We are 6-1 in a tough D division, the best start we have had in years. We will compete in the A till the Spring. We will work hard together each week, win or lose. We will continually search for new players.

Let us not put our team as an option anymore. Lets put it as a priority and do what we need to in order to participate together during the 10 day event in June. It truly is a wonderful opportunity. Lets grab it and raise our hands in victory on the 10th of June 2017.

Your truly,

Coach G.

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