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New Board Member 2023-24 Season

Our association welcomes its new board members and staff for the 2023-24 session. These individuals will guide, mentor and help build our Senior men's team in June 2024 Switzerland for the ISBHF World Championship.

Mike Yeramian, consultant, Special Teams coach.

Mike has been a member of the United Armenians' program since its creation in 2012. As a player, he participated in 4 World Championships, he co-captained the team in achieving the Bronze medal in 2017. With over 25 years of ball hockey experience at high levels, he will provide great leadership for the team. He is arguably 1 of the 2 top defensemen in our history.

Haig Genc Avedissian, consultant, Special Teams coach

Haig has also been a member of the United Armenians' program since its creation in 2012. As a player, he participated in 4 World Championships where he was the co-captain. Haig has over 25 years of ball hockey experience and arguably 1 of the 2 top defensemen in our team's history.

Ari Mercan, Coach.

Ari began as a player in 2012, where he quickly left an impression at the World Championship in 2013. He participated in many international tournaments. During the 2015 World Championships, a serious injury prevented him from playing. In 2022, he returned to the program as the Coach of the team. His knowledge and love for the game is only preceded by his love for his teammates, players and culture.

Costa Stavriadis, Coach.

Costa has benchmarked the goaltending position for close to 15 years guiding his teams to multiple local division titles. He participated at World Championships as a member for team Greece. Costa has accepted his new duty to guide, mentor our goaltenders. His enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the game will provide an excellent resource as an addition to our staff.

Nick Katsifolis, Coach and Marketing coordinator

Nick has joined our program, and we welcome him with great admiration. His will to mentor young players, help the association promote awareness and assist in raising funds is very resourceful. Having close to 25 years of ball hockey experience, he never has had the opportunity to participate at an ISBHF international World Championship.

He is prepared to consult, coach and guide both players and staff.

JD Tanielian, Consultant, Marketing coordinator

JD has been a part of Armenian culture for over 25 years. Being involved in ball hockey programs as well as other sports and activities, his love for our culture is apparent in all he undertakes. JD has vast knowledge in fundraising and is able to assist in all areas necessary in promoting and helping our association achieve its goals.

Gabi Missakian, President, General Manager.

Gabi founded the association in 2012 and allowed it to become a permanent member within the ISBHF. He served as a board member with the ISBHF for over 2 years.

He played during the 2013 World Championships in Canada and helped the team achieve its first ever Win. Soon after, he stepped away from playing in World Championships to coach the team in 2015, 2017, 2019. He has been playing the game for over 25 years having captained the team in multiple championships, both local and international. He remains as the pillar of the association, looking to expand to include a Women's and Junior men's teams in the near future.


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